06 September, 2015

EU Outreach Programme on Dual-Use Export Controls

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Project Alpha is pleased to be a part of the European Union Outreach Programme on Dual-Use Export Controls. 

Since September 2015, the programme has been under the implementation of a consortium led by Expertise France. The consortium includes the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Numerics, represented by the Export Control Office on Dual-Use Goods (SBDU), King’s College London (Project Alpha), the Swedish Inspectorate of Strategic Products, the Customs authorities of France and Belgium, the United Kingdom National Nuclear Laboratory and the University of Liege.

The consortium is dedicated to the development of an integrated European approach to the outreach programme. This is exemplified through the work undertaken by the consortium to date which includes:

  • The establishment of a European Roster of Experts (EROES) representing EU Member State diversity in expertise and outreach culture. The roster has already involved over 60 experts representing more than 15 EU Member States.
  • The development of a European Union Common Training Toolkit (EUCOTT) - a comprehensive set of training materials that cover all aspects of strategic trade controls.

The consortium recognises the importance of local ownership and a tailored regional approach.  Further contacts with each partner country will take place as soon as possible to inform and discuss these efforts.


For more information, please visit the Outreach Programme website.

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