04 January, 2016

Alpha In Depth: Iran's missile industry Featured

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Iran's missile industry: A baseline study for non-proliferation efforts after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and UN Security Council Resolution 2231

Iran's Defence Minister Dehghan and President Rouhani at unveiling of Fateh-313 missile in August 2015 (image: Defapress.ir)

The recently finalised negotiations on Iran’s nuclear programme leave Tehran’s missile-related activities a matter of substantial international concern. Under the terms of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, passed on 20 July 2015, international restrictions on Iran’s missile activities and procurement will remain in place for the next eight years. Various UN, European Union and United States sanctions on Iranian missile-related entities will also continue during this time, and most likely beyond.

In order to assist non-proliferation efforts regarding Iran's missile programme, Project Alpha has conducted an extensive study of Iran's missile research, development and production industries. The resulting 135-page Alpha In Depth report, Iran's missile industry, is based on a large body of open source information, including previously unexploited tender information, academic papers, and Farsi-language language material.

Iran's missile industry identifies and characterises:

  • The main entities involved in Iran’s missile development and production programme, and their roles and responsibilities. This includes nearly 40 subsidiaries of Iran’s Aerospace Industries Organisation, the primary entity responsible for Iran's missile development; the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps; and civilian entities such as universities. 
  • Key facilities in Iran relevant to missile development and production, including research and development sites and manufacturing locations for sensitive dual-use technology (for example, carbon fibre).
  • Pathways of Iran’s missile-related procurement efforts, including domestic and foreign channels.

The report is supplied with a Google Earth KMZ file that provides coordinates of more than 80 Iranian military-related and missile-related facilities, including several that Project Alpha has independently geolocated using open source fusion techniques.


 Aerospace Industries Organisation of Iran facility,Tehran (satellite image via Google Earth)

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